Happily playing his role as "the quiet one", Thom Monn has always been fond of those moments on the dancefloor, where people lose themselves to the music in their own, often just barely conscious mind.  Any built up aggression and fistpumping madness he'll rather save for the dirt-track, where he menacingly rides his bike until it begs for mercy. The physical activity seems to pay off: he has the stamina to lay down 12-Hour sets, even if it means collapsing into a pile of vegetable-state exhaustion after the last tune.       
At present, Thom Monn crafts deep techno- and housetracks, heavy with melodic melancholia, resulting in soundtracks to lovestories that haven't been made into a movie yet. The best part is, he seems to deeply enjoy just making music and doesn't shed any unnecessary thoughts on the why and how.