Eskimo* spent quite a few years cursing at bands and musicians from behind big mixing desks, before  deciding to have a closer look into this „electro-thing“. Fast forward a few months and he’s sweatily cursing at his overheated laptop, while his own, melodic and percussion-rich techno-tracks send the crowd into a hands-in-the-air-frenzy. The road from handing in a tune „just for a laugh“, to performing it live, can be very short indeed.  Eskimo*’s experience as a live-mixer has made this an easy process and his ability to properly play the drums or throw down some serious jams on a keyboard, is a welcome addition to the GBM-roster. Not satisfied with just playing his own material, Eskimo * soon dove deep into the crates and online-databases, finding his own sound as a DJ too: groovy, elegantly minimal but with a big low-end and the odd excursion into warehouse-rave-madness.