As a music-nut, Gloria Bulsara established herself from an early age as the go-to girl for all things musical, compiling playlists and cd's of HipHop, Indie and Electronica for her schoolfriends. Soon, life hurled her headfirst into an emotionally charged collision with electronic dance music and the art of mixing, leading her onto the classic path of an aspiring DJ: she invested in equipment and began to dig deeper into the realms of minimal techno, house and electro and honed her skills in erstwhile strictly private mix-sessions at home. Cutting her teeth at small parties and her early stomping ground, the notorious and much missed Funambolo, she slowly but surely got seriously hooked by the whole experience of playing out and presenting the music she herself loved to hear. The compulsory bumps in the road of any fledgling DJ, like that token student-party where the slurred requests for bad music rise with every passing minute, she brushed off in style.

In the past year, Gloria Bulsara has proven that she's going to stick around and keep turning dancefloors into a smiling mess of melodic tunes and pumping grooves, without getting too locked into any given style.