A music history buff, Nik Frankenberg’s mind can be found wandering the imaginary realms of Castlemorton, AWOL or the Music Box, warily musing if the magic today is quite as it was back then, sometimes forgetting that he wasn’t actually there and that focusing on the present might not be such a bad thing. Having found a happy home behind any device playing recorded music, he has (sometimes regrettably) dabbled in every kind of style on any format imaginable. Jungle/DrumandBass, House and Techno, plus their shared areas, have remained his varyingly favoured stomping grounds throughout the years. As a former drummer, his love for beats and grooves runs deep, fueling the desire to maintain a constant rhythmic flow in his DJ-sets and productions. His aim is the right balance of timelessness, futurism and those moments of lovely insanity.